THE Eggplant Parm with Green Salad


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OUR eggplant parm is Jennifer’s FAVORITE meal of all time. Her childhood best friend’s mother (who was actually a pretty crappy parent) used to make this meal….ONCE A YEAR on Christmas eve (Jen was always invited). This mom also served it with frozen garlic bread which is one of Jennifer’s guilty pleasures (for this exact reason…don’t tell anyone). ANYWAY….. This is the exact recipe and it is an unusual one. The eggplant is super thinly sliced extremely crispy, BAKED breaded eggplant layered with a very specific tomato sauce, loaded with parm, mozzarella & provolone cheeses and served with a green salad with Italian dressing.


FUN FACT…our fresh garlic bread is on the menu as a side this week.

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